Monday, March 2, 2009

something i'm loving...stila convertible color in lilium

This is one of my current faves.

Stila's Covertible Color in Lilium is a flattering sheer wash of believable pink (to me...also has a slight hint of peach) that just melts into my skin and makes it look great.

It literally just looks like you're blushing...not wearing shocking jolts of pink on your cheeks.

Trust me...not pretty.

The creaminess factor also allows this to blend in really well...meaning it goes on smoothly and doesn't look blotchy. Something that can easily happen with other cream blushes.

It's light enough to layer and not look caked-on either.

In fact, you could easily apply this and then add a little bit of complementary powder blush on top if you want.

While the color doesn't last as long as a stain, it worked well enough that I only had to apply it once later in the day.

Try,,, and your local Ulta to check it out.



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