Monday, March 16, 2009

tell us what you think...fergie's and katie's new looks

Alright, I just had to address the new looks a couple of celebs sported late last week.

First up, Fergie...

She traded in her blonde, highlighted hair, that she would generally wear kinda wavy...for a brunette mane that is middle parted and pin straight.

Next up...Katie Holmes...

She went from a short, choppy bob, to a longer layered and wavy look courtesy of some extensions.

Out of the two looks, I'm actually loving Katie's the best. I think that it does something for her face...although I LOVED her first bob with bangs...and suits her the best. Fergie's color isn't a bad choice...but with the cut, I would have liked to seen some more layering and a shorter length. Plus the parted hair and pin straight look just doesn't flatter her very well...even though it's a little harder to tell in this pic.

The question is...what do you think?

Then after you take the poll, let us know what you think of their looks in the comments!

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1 Comment:

NiKita W said...

I am loving Katie's look! Fergie, it's not the best- it's not the worst...

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