Wednesday, March 11, 2009

venus embrace

I'm baaaack!

So, how's it going ladies (and possibly some men)?

It's been absolutely superb here I must say.

Let's see...where to begin, where to begin...

Hmmm. Well, this past Thursday and Friday I suffered through a 48 hour stomach virus that had me feeling like I was literally going to die.

Then Big L guilted me into traveling with him to visit his mother over the weekend.

was a fun trip.

I'd rather lie sprawled on the bathroom floor and make friends with the porcelain king than do that again anytime soon.

The only great thing about the trip was the return home.

That's when Big L actually upchucked in the car 3 minutes from home.

Sufficed to say the stomach bug made the rounds through our household thoroughly.

Thanks Toddler Adventure class and parents who don't keep their sick kids home!

Moving on...

One thing I did miss, besides my bed, was this razor...I totally flaked and left it at home (I blame it on the delirium from dehydration).

It delivers the closest shave I've ever had.

So close that this Italian girl can actually skip a day of shaving her legs before the stubble starts to drive my husband nuts...normally I'd have to shave everyday to have legs that smooth.

What's also perfection is the fact that I don't have to smear shaving cream on my legs...I'm really too lazy to do that. That's because of the all around moisture strip that really helps the razor glide across my skin.

Plus...although I hesitate to add this due to jinxing myself...I haven't had one nick yet.

I've seen it around online for about $13 and there's bound to be some sales and some coupons around for you to get it for a bit less.

Head on over to for more info and to check out their Closeness Guaranteed promo...which is basically them putting their money where their mouth is.

If you've already tried this and liked it, leave a comment below!



Tey said...

I have one and it really works for me. Summer is on its way, so I will be using it more again.

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GHD said...

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Day Spa Adelaide said...

The first time I tried that razor, i could not believe how incredibly smooth my legs were, I really like it.

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