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5 minutes, 5 questions with cheri keating...head and shoulders celeb grooming expert

We recently had the chance to interview Cheri Keating, Head and Shoulders Celebrity Grooming Expert.

Considering she has major background in the beauty industry...she was a makeup instructor with Lancome and MAC. And she's worked with some famous male celebs like...Luke Wilson, John Travolta, Jason Schwartzmann, James Marsden, Jon Heder, Seth Rogan, Judd Apatow and Jonah Hill...just to name a few

As if that's not enough, her work can also be seen in magazines such as W, Vanity Fair, Vogue, GQ, Flaunt, Nylon, i-D, and Details as well as the hottest movie premieres, festivals and on the red carpet of the Academy Awards, Emmy’s and the Golden Globes.

We figure that she really knows her stuff.

This is definitely something for the man (or men) in your life read on!

1. Other then normal daily hygiene rituals, what are some things that our guys can do to look a little more polished?
One very important but easy way to stay groomed is to maintain the hairline on the neck in between haircuts. This is very easy to do with a trimmer or scissors and a razor. Another thing to remember is to tweeze or snip away any stray hairs in the eyebrow area as well as nose and ears.

2. What are your Top 5 "must have" grooming products for men?

1. First impressions are important. Having a clean face says a lot. Mild soap can do the trick but a good facial cleanser, a gel cleanser for normal-oily skins or a milky cleanser for normal-dry skins, is vital to keep the moisture in the skin.

2. Use a moisturizer to protect the skin and keep it elastic and tight. Choose a moisturizer based on the following: after washing your face does your face feel tight? If so, a moisturizer for normal-dry skin would be appropriate. If you notice a shine during the day, then choose a moisturizer for normal-oily skin types.

3. Strong, clean hair can make all the difference in how men carry themselves. Use Head and Shoulders shampoo and conditioner system, such as Classic Clean, to get a good foundation for healthy hair by starting at the scalp

4. Using a conditioner is crucial. Most men bypass this step but it only takes a minute in the shower and the hair is much more manageable and easier to style.

5. For men who experience bumps after shaving; exfoliating with a mild granular cleanser prior to shaving will eliminate the dead skin that causes these bumps. Not only will this make shaving easier but exfoliating is an important for the healthiest skin.

3. What's the biggest complaint you get from guys about their hair and what can they do to fix it?

The biggest complaint I get from guys about their hair is “what do I do with it?” The most important thing you can keep in mind when asking that question is, “what would I feel most comfortable and confident in?” Start with a basic cut that is good for you and then go to the drug store and pick up some gel, wax, pomade and start playing with them at home.

A good rule of thumb: generally waxes work best with short hair styles, cremes for thick, frizzy/ curly hair, gels for harder to hold styles, and mousses or spray wax for thin, fly away hair.

4. To pluck or not to pluck...what about our hairy men, can you give them some tips for eyebrow maintenance?
Well this actually goes beyond the “hairy men”. As you age, there is more unwanted hair, such as excessive eyebrow hair, nose hair and yes, ear hair! A good pair of slant nose tweezers is great for dealing with any errant eyebrow hair and a small pair of round tipped scissors is perfect for trimming away excess ear and nose hairs.

5. What's the best piece of beauty advice you've ever received?

Your personal style is all about trial and error. I definitely encourage people to try different things with their hair, their grooming styles, etc. But don’t do it just because it’s a trend. Keep in mind, a trend/fad comes and goes more quickly than you can say the word. Whatever you choose at the end of your day for your grooming/style regimen, just be comfortable and confident in it.

Love her!

To find out more about the new Head and Shoulders, head on over to!

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