Wednesday, April 22, 2009

5 minutes, 5 questions with joel warren

We recently had the chance to interview Joel Warren, one half of the fabulous team behind the Warren-Tricomi Salons.

Basically, if you want great hair, that's where you go.

And if we could afford it, we would totally be there in a heartbeat.

Just in case you're like us and can't make it to one of their many salons around the country, but plan on being in the NYC area sometime soon, you have to check out their newest venture.

It's called The Plaza Beauty by Warren-Tricomi and it's sort of a very upscale and swanky beauty boutique that houses only the best products, products that have been handpicked with the help of Warren and Edward Tricomi.

It's like having the chance to get their advice on what to use, without having to make an appointment.

Despite how busy he must be these days, Joel graciously sat down and answered some questions for us.

Gotta love him for that.

We understand that Warren-Tricomi just opened a gorgeous new beauty boutique in conjunction with The Plaza (called The Plaza Beauty by Warren-Tricomi). Can you tell us a little about what makes this space so unique?

The Plaza Beauty By Warren-Tricomi represents a union of two celebrated symbols of beauty. Plaza Beauty is an exclusive selection of boutiques purveying offerings from foremost designers and tastemakers in the worlds of fashion, beauty, décor and cuisine. Like the other boutiques in the collection, The Plaza Beauty By Warren-Tricomi represents an editorial array of unique and sought after products, putting a total beauty destination at visitors’ fingertips.

What are your Top 5 must-have beauty products for women?

Warren-Tricomi travel size mini iron, Green Walnut Hair Mask, mlab toner and moisturizer, Smashbox Concealer.

Can you share some of the spring trends in hair? -

This summer, I collaborated with L’Oréal Jardin Précieux to reinterpret vibrant floral prints from the runway and exotic petals from the paths of precious gardens to create a bouquet of colors for hair. From pink rose and emerald green to midnight blue, the shades—and their delicate placement—reflect the flowers of the season.

Lately, we've had a lot of visits from the split end fairy. Is there anything you can do for split ends...besides cutting them off? What can we do to prevent them?

To prevent them use a strengthener collection like Warren-Tricomi’s that seals in the cuticle of the hair to prevent split ends.

Last question. We understand that you have several Warren-Tricomi salons in different parts of the country...New York, Miami, Connecticut, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles to be exact. What are some of the differences in West coast and East coast styles in terms of hair?

Woman are woman and they reach for similar styles ranging from the east to the west coast, it all depends on the trends for the season.

If you'd like to learn a little more about The Plaza Beauty by Warren-Tricomi, head on over to

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