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au natural hair styling tips from david babaii

Temperatures around the country have been all kinds of wonky lately.

Some of the country is actually digging themselves out of snow, while others have been sweating from mid-summer like weather.

We've been experiencing the heat...and then some.

The worst part about the heat is blow drying your hair.

Am I right?

There are times I'm actually sweating as I'm blow drying.

So I try to compensate by plugging in a mini-fan to blow cool air as I'm blow drying with hot air.

It's at this point that I really really really wish I had a shorter pixie do again.

To save me from shortening my locks, these fabulous hair styling tips popped up in our inbox...and I am so loving them.

David Babaii (he of Christine's fave product Bohemian Beach Spray) has some great tips for styling your hair minus the electrical appliances and (in some cases...water).

Read on and apply...

Get curls and texture without styling tools

For long hair, follow these steps:

· After shampooing spray your entire head with the David Babaii for WildAid Bohemian Beach Spray scrunch and/or twist sections then allow to air dry.

· Once dry, if added texture or volume is desired flip your head over and back, give it a quick shake.

· To set it all in place, lightly spray your hair with hair spray.

For short hair, follow these steps:

· Towel dry freshly washed hair thoroughly to begin the foundation.

· Spray your entire head with the Beach Spray and allow to air dry.

· When hair is dry apply some David Babaii for WildAid Molding Paste and arrange texture until you are happy with the look.

Keep your hair fresh without a shampoo

In order to avoid excess oil or buildup (and save on water use), use a bit of baby powder throughout the hair acting as a dry shampoo, which helps eliminate oil and leaves a fresh scent throughout the day. Alternatively, you can use a cosmetic damp cotton pad and dab it around the hairline and roots to eliminate any excess oil. If you wish, mist the pad with a light oil free fragrance or squeeze a few drops from a fresh lemon to give hair that fresh smell

Wash your hair the night before and awake up with a style

· Wash your hair the night before to save time and electricity

· When hair is slightly damp, create multiple sections and braid your hair tying the ends with an elastic band (depending on how much texture you want, make the braids loose (less texture) or tight (more texture)) *the braids do not need to be very precise

· Next, spray the braids with David Babaii for WildAid Bohemian Beach Spray and go to sleep

· When you wake up, undo the braids, give your head a little shake, and add in some additional Bohemian Beach Spray to achieve desired texture and volume - this creates a great Bohemian Look.


· Place all of your hair in a messy ponytail - be creative and twist sections tight or loose to achieve various textures

· When your pony tail is secured, spray with the Beach Spray and then sweet dreams

· When you awake, undo the pony tail for an effortless but eco-chic look

Create style for stick straight hair

For super straight hair, it’s is all about using fun accessories. Play around with different head bands, hair pins, and clips to achieve a fun and playful look.

Alternatively, you can tie your hair in a sleek low pony tail.

· After tying it up, take small strands of hair and pin them on top of and underneath the pony tail to achieve the illusion of having volume for those with super straight hair.

You can also try my favorite half up style:

· Section off the sides and top while leaving the back of your hair down.

· Secure the top and sides with an accessory or simple bobby pins.

· Allow a few pieces of hair to fall naturally to give you a soft natural look.

Use items around the house to achieve glam

A new and un-used toothbrush is a great household product; it can be used to back brush close to the scalp area for volume or even sweep away those fly-a-ways. Going back in time, an old soda pop can still do the trick of setting hair and achieving large lopped curls.

Other ideas are to use household rubber bands for your messy ponytails or braids. And, don’t discard those dryer sheets. There is usually some fragrance left over to wipe your combs and brushes to not only freshen them but help with static as well.

Finally, use ribbons, scarves and other items you have lying around (or even ones that wrapped a gift!) to add some jazz to your ‘do. A ribbon can make a regular ponytail flirty and a scarf can make just about any look more eco-chic. This all helps to reduce the amount of household waste and makes for a great environmentally friendly choice for DIY hair.

Do you have any tips for styling your hair minus the blowdryer, flatiron, or curling iron? Just leave a comment below and let me know.

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