Tuesday, April 7, 2009

bumble and bumble styling gels

Bumble and bumble has a couple new gels that they have added to their collection. Being an HUGE fan of their Surf Spray, I am intrigued by their gels. I haven't used gel in forever and a day but back in the early '90s I was pretty handy with it. Now, that my hair is finally growing out and will soon be a decent ponytail length, I'm thinking gel would be useful for an all day hold since I have longer layers that might need some help staying put.

Bb. Gel and Gellac are the first gels in the line and have been tested and perfected backstage at Fashion Week over several seasons.

Here are some styling tips from Bumble and bumble and some uses for their Gels:

For females, Bb. Gel can be applied, shaped, dried and easily brushed out to create amazingly soft shapes with memory and hold. It’s also perfect for spring’s neat, simple pony.

Bb. Gel helps men achieve the super slick (but not sticky) Don Draper look. To create the 1960s style, apply and comb product through hair, directing strands into the desired shape. The result is a neat strong hold that won’t flake throughout the day like a traditional gel would.

Gellac is their powerhouse product based on an editorial tool, Gafquat 732, which has traditionally been used to create extreme, shiny shapes for photo shoots, but is close to impossible to rinse out. Our team of chemists solved the problem with Gellac making it removable with any Bumble and bumble shampoo. It’s a product for those who like to take risks and experiment with bold styles.

Bumble and bumble’s newest styling duo, Gels, are now available in Bb. Network Salons and at www.bumbleandbumble.com. Bb.Gel, 5 fl oz. $24, and Gellac, 4.2 fl oz, $24.


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