Sunday, April 26, 2009

here's some beauty tips from the folks at total beauty...

Alright, so around here it went from Arctic conditions to sweltering like overnight.

Before Big L allowed me to put the a/c on...don't ask...I tried getting a shower and then blow drying my hair.

Uh...not pretty.

Then came the makeup application.

Uh...really not pretty.

I was sweating so much it was like why bother?

Anyway, here's some tips from Total Beauty on how to get your makeup to last. Read on...
How to Avoid Makeup Meltdown

Pro tips on keeping a fresh face -- even in sweltering hot weather

Making makeup last all day-- especially in hot, muggy conditions-- doesn't have to be a high-maintenance hassle. Follow these tips from pro makeup artists Charlie Green and Molly Stern and your look, whether natural or dramatic, won't melt away.

See tips

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