Friday, April 10, 2009

jenn's picks of the week

Here's some of my favorites for the week. Things that I've been reaching for a lot lately.

Clinique High Impact Curling Mascara ($14)
While I'm fortunate to have some pretty decent lashes and can go without mascara if need be, I do like to put one coat on just to make things look polished.

What I've noticed lately, is that the lashes on one of my eyes doesn't look as curled as the other. I honestly have no idea why this is and/or why I never noticed this before, but they're definitely a little wonky. Bizarre.

Anyway, we received a sample of this so I figured what the heck and tried it.

It actually gave a little curl to those errant lashes and made them look more...well...curled. The other great part was the fact that this lasted throughout the day until I removed it.

Because I'm not a reader of the "fine print", I neglected to read that this comes off with only warm water. I actually used my eye makeup remover and had entirely no problems whatsoever getting it all off. A quick wash with my facial cleanser and a rinse with water and nothing remained.

Pureology DryShine HairStyler
I've been on a Pureology kick lately and this is just fueling the fire. After receiving a pretty much full jar on a sweet MUA swap, I 've been using it almost everyday.

It provides shine and hold, all while making my hair look healthy and conditioned.

I use it as a finisher after I've blown my hair dry and flat ironed the sections that need it.

A little is all you need...rub it between your hands and smooth it over your do.


NARS Cream Blush in Penny Lane ($25)
I probably have about a million blushers to choose from...just because I have a serious blush addiction.

My faves have to be my cream blushes. They're easy to use and look the most natural on my skin.

This one has been a favorite lately.

It delivers the most natural flush of color and literally melts into my skin.

You can apply it with your fingers on the go...but I use my MAC Skunk Brush to buff the color on.

One word can only be used to describe the result...fa-nominal.

Because I'm so curious, what products have you been reaching for lately? Leave a comment below and share!


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Belle Du Jour said...

HI Jennifer, I just found your blog and it is great. I love NARS, I haven't tried a cream blush by them yet. What are your thoughts on it?

Stop by my blog look at my NARS favorites!!

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