Friday, April 17, 2009

limited edition bobbi brown foundation stick compact

My Bobbi Brown Stick Foundation is a definite constant in my makeup bag at home.

They're easy to use and come in shades that match my complexion to a T, a complete no-brainer.

The only problem with the stick is the fact that it's size makes it a little harder to transport and use while traveling.

That's where this new limited edition compact comes in.

The size of the Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick Compact ($22) allows you to take your foundation stick with you where ever you go.

It's literally the exact same product, just kinda smushed into one of her little handy black pans...which can, in turn, snap into her larger palette do-hickeys.

Plus it comes in her insane assortment of shades.

Because it's only $22...and a little less in volume than her can buy another shade, either darker or lighter to use as you please. Meaning come the summer when your skin gets a little tanner you can mix your colors to find the perfect match. This would also work at the end of summer when you start to lose some of that color. You could also use a lighter shade to mix in whenever you need around your eyes and nose. Or you could even mix them together as well to get your preferred shade.

The only downside is that you can't just take it and swipe it on your face, as you can easily do with the stick. But that's nothing that clean fingers, sponges, or a foundation brush can't help with.

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