Thursday, April 30, 2009

nars modern love palette

Cue David Bowie....Modern Love.

Had Jenn never mentioned that song while we were looking at the press release for this, I would probably not start singing this song in my head every time I look at this palette.....thanks Jenn. And now I pass the gift on to you...... you're welcome.

Seriously though, I'm loving the colors in the new NARS Modern Love Palette. Although I am curious to see this puppy up close and personal, so it looks like I will be taking a trip up to my local Nordstrom all in the name of research, of course.

All of the colors are suppose to be suitable for every skin tone. NARS employed top-ranking shadows, in hues ranging from matte black to shimmering browns to ethereal metallic’s. Each shade was chosen for its ability to complement the others, so you can mix and match for an endless number of subtle or dramatic looks. The resulting palette can be used effortlessly to create various day-to-night looks, with six shadows to accent the lashline, lid, crease and browbone. The Modern Love Palette unleashes your inner artist.


  • Alhambra (top left) Metallic Rose Mist
  • Jezebel (top middle) Shimmering Sable
  • India Song (top right) Shimmering Walnut
  • Tokyo (bottom left) Soft Silver-White
  • Habanera (bottom middle) Sparkling Charcoal-Plum
  • Pandora (bottom right) Matte Black

The NARS Modern Love Palette will be available May 2009 exclusively at Nordstrom for $50.



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