Tuesday, April 21, 2009

phisoderm - the review

I'm having a serious war with my allergies today and I am losing...badly, so I'm gonna keep this short and sweet.

I like it!

The end.

Just kidding...although I do really like it. Years ago, my doctor told me just plain old Phisoderm would help me out. I was having a serious problem with my face breaking out at the ripe age of 29 and she said this is what she uses - but to be sure not to get the acne fighting one since I'm sensitive to salicylic acid. Well, I listened to her, it just took me 2 years to follow her advice. For starters, I couldn't find it and at the time I really liked my cleanser (shout out to gentle foaming cleanser from Khiel's). Anyhoo, I eventually found it and I have to say, I like it. My skin does not feel tight or dried out after washing and it also doesn't feel oily or not clean. It's great! And at $5 a bottle I can see me using this for a long time.

I recently saw it at Ulta with a $2.00 off instant coupon attached to all the bottles, so that would make it around $2 or $3. For more info and where else to purchase it, check out phisoderm.com.

Okay, for real....the end. I need some Benadryl stat and a box of tissues and some tea (are you getting all of this hubby?).


1 Comment:

Fair_Elaine said...

I just started using this again after a decade or longer of first trying it.
I like it, too.

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