Monday, April 20, 2009

prescriptives in bloom cheek color duo

I've yet to meet a blush duo that I didn't like.

Prescriptives In Bloom Cheek Color Duo ($24) is a limited-edition pair that combines two colors in one you the option to use separately or together.

I actually tested the warm duo. One side houses a coral-ish color (looks a little dark in the pan, but goes on definitely more sheer) while the other side is more of a complementary lighter shade that could also be used for highlighting.

My favorite way to use it is to take a blush brush and apply the coral color to the apples of my cheeks for that pop of color.

Then I come in with a smaller, but fluffy brush (something like their Soft Shadow Brush) and use the lighter, shimmery shade to highlight the tops of my cheekbones, my chin, and my eyes. Anywhere I need a little more zushing.

Just remember to use a little...don't go hog wild with the highlighting. There's a fine line between glow-y and who's the chick with all the shimmery crap all over her face.

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