Monday, April 27, 2009

shawn johnson shares some beauty tips

So, if you're a big fan of Dancing with the Stars, you probably have been seeing Shawn Johnson (the 17 year old Olympic Gold Medalist) tripping the light fantastic.

Honestly though, neither one of us watches DWTS, she even still on it?

I seriously have no idea.

And...really...when I saw this image of her I could not help but think that it looks nothing like the Shawn Johnson of Olympic lore.

Like she's all grown up now.

Anywho...Shawn decided to share some her favorite beauty tips about how she always looks great in the public eye.

And here they are...

Shawn Johnson’s Tips on How to Look Your Best in the Spotlight

1. Wear something that you feel confident in! I love wearing bright colors like yellow since they really bring out my features and compliment my cheery personality.

2. Find a lip color that brightens your smile and doesn’t wear off easily. My favorite is CoverGirl Lipstain in Berry Smooch.

3. Have a go to hairstyle that you know will last through a long day or night. I love wearing my hair down with my bangs pulled back in a clip.

4. Never let your deodorant fail you! I use Secret Clinical Strength Sport because it’s powerful enough to keep me dry and smelling fresh through all of my most important moments.

5. Smile! It’s your best accessory.

I second the CG Lipstain and the Secret Clinical Strength Sport. Both totally keep you in check during the hot months of summer ahead.

Try your local Target or for the goods.


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R Krishnan said...

try the ganozhi skin series. it can work wonders for you.

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