Friday, May 22, 2009

beauty buys under $10 - liplicious lip glosses from bath and body works

This is how my mind works.

As soon as I heard the name of this product, I could not get Destiny's Child Bootylicious out of my head.


It's still swimming around in there as I type this.

Anyway...I loves me some lip gloss in a tube and these are just to adorable to pass up.

What makes these so great is that they taste and smell like fruit and give your lips major shine. True, they aren't going to last very long, but they're only $7 each so it's not going to hurt your wallet in the long run.

Oh yeah...they also have Vitamin E and jojoba oils to soften, smooth and condition your lips.

They're available in a lot of different shades and/or flavors, but here's two that are calling my name...

Orange Kiss ($7 left)

Described as a juicy, vibrant coral shade with a sheer, high-shine gloss...with a mouth-watering orange cream flavor

Fruit Punch ($7 seen above)

A vividly vibrant pink that glistens with pink and silver pink and anything that has a little bit of shimmer to it.

The absolute best part is that Liplicious glosses are available at Bath & Body Works and online at

Plus, right now, online they're available for buy two get one free.

Who can pass that up?

Oh and in case you haven't started singing Bootylicious yet, here's the video to get you there...enjoy.



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