Tuesday, May 12, 2009

clinique sun

Some of you may not know, but last week the family and I took a little vacation to the beautiful island of St. Maarten. It was amazing!

I tried to pack as little as possible to avoid my husband's head popping off over the fee for checking bags. I assumed I was going to be wearing little to no makeup while there due to the fact that all my son wanted to do was swim, swim again and then swim some more.

Two items I made sure to pack were from the new Clinique Sun collection. I brought the SPF 30 Face Cream ($17.50) and Rescue Balm with Aloe ($20) (anyone who has ever seen how fair I am, knows this is a necessity - I burn, then tan).

I was a little nervous about the Face Cream, since I'm sensitive to most face products. I started off by using it as my moisturizer, underneath whatever else I put on. It worked really well for that. Poolside/beachside it worked well too, but definitely remember to reapply. I did not breakout from using it and wasn't too greasy or heavy feeling like some sunscreens can be. I think I will continue to use this throughout the summer. Although towards the end of the trip I switched to using my son's Aveeno, but only because it was a higher SPF and I was beyond baked, so I felt I needed more SPF.

The Rescue Balm with Aloe also worked really well. We always travel with a bottle of Aloe so this sounded perfect. Ultra-moisturizing balm with soothing aloe calms sun-exposed skin. Provides a post-sun "repair" to help prevent today's sun exposure from becoming tomorrow’s visible damage. Helps minimize peeling. Suitable for face and body. Oil-free. Non-acnegenic. My husband didn't apply sunscreen one day which apparently was my fault. I put this on his shoulders and back and the next morning he wasn't red at all. I didn't really use this until the end of the trip, when I seriously overdid it. My forearms and my shoulders became neon. Anyway, I applied this whenever they started to feel tight or itchy and I only have one little circle (nickel size) that is peeling and normally by now both shoulders and arms would be completely peeling and gross.

There are a couple other products that I would be interested in checking out as well. There is a Face Cream that comes in SPF 50, that I would probably use more often than the SPF 30. A Body Spray, SPF 45 Protection Stick and a Body Cream in SPFs 15, 30 and 50 round out the collection.

For more info and to purchase these items, check out clinique.com.


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Kim @ The HLMN said...

I'm so jealous of your fabulous vaca to St. Maarten. Great product picks!

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