Tuesday, May 26, 2009

giveaway with beautyfix...the winners

We have mentioned Beautyfix before and we really enjoy it. We love seeing what each "fix" has in it and fighting over who gets what. Beautyfix is a program where you sign up and $49.99 a quarter and each quarter you will receive your Beautyfix. It usually has somewhere between 7 and 10 beauty products - some sample sized and some are full sized and you also get a great little cosmetics bag. It's a great way to sample some products for each season before you buy them. You can also go to beautyfix.com and leave your feedback for the products as well.

The generous people of Beautyfix have given us the green light to giveaway......wait for it........15 Beautyfix 2 sets. Amazing right?!

The Beautyfix 2 (the second quarter of beautyfix) contains everything you see in the picture plus the black cosmetic bag not pictured. Included is 3Lab M Cream, Bella Bronze Self Tanner, Bella Bronze Tan Extender, Exuviance Rejuvenating Treatment Masque, Global Goddess eyeshadow, Glowelle 7 day set, Jonathan Finish Control Hairspray, Kerstin Florian Aromatherapy Neroli Water, and Lisa Hoffman Beauty Vitamin A & C Serum.

For more information on the products included in the giveaway and for more information on the program, please visit beautyfix.com.

Now for the long list of winners:

Claire B.,

Elaine C.,

Amy S.,

Zoe H.,

Sarah R.,

Kristina D.,

Holly C.,

Kristin S.,

Maria B.,

Catherine L.,

McKenzie B.,

Joyce M.,

Danielle Y.,

Kayleen R.,

and last but not least....Kristi P.


Check back soon for another giveaway announcement!!

Jennifer and Christine

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Danielle Y. said...

Thank you so much! I can't wait to try these products out!

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