Tuesday, May 19, 2009

harry slatkin receives the living legend award

The fabulous Harry Slatkin, he of the amazing home fragrance Slatkin & Co. brand, recently received the “Legends” award from Allure magazine Editor-in-Chief Linda Wells at the American Society of Perfumers Luncheon and 55th Annual Fragrance Symposium at the Manhattan Marriot Marquis on Thursday, May 7th.

The Living Legend award is given to a “unique and talented person who has distinguished him or herself over the years with their body of creative work, their contribution to the fragrance industry and also their contribution to society.” In receiving this award, Mr. Slatkin joins an extraordinary list of past honorees including Oscar de la Renta, Gianni Versace, Oleg Cassini, Karyn Khoury and Estee Lauder.

Allure magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Linda Wells gave a funny and touching speech about Harry saying he was “instrumental in taking a fringe object hidden away in the home department of a department store and moving it front-and-center to the beauty department.” Harry’s speech was humbling and compelling when he said, “it’s a great honor, although I always thought a legend award comes at the end of one’s career, but don’t count me out just yet, I still have a lot of sniffing left to do.”

He also thanked the perfumers in the room for educating him and being a part of the great success that Slatkin & Co. candles have achieved. He paid tribute to his wife of 18 years, Laura Slatkin who co-founded Slatkin & Co. with him and added, “Laura, this award is to be shared 50-50 with you..”.

In place of handing out gift bags at the event, this year the following companies Bath & Body Works, Robertet and Givaudan donated $1,000 to Harry and Laura Slatkin’s New York Center for Autism in recognition of Slatkin’s son, David, who is autistic.

We love his answer to the question below...

With all the success you’ve achieved, what does the Living Legend Award from the American Society of Perfumers mean?

As I was sitting and listening to my dear friend Linda Wells and all the kind words she had to say about me, it was her remarks about the difference I have made in the industry and that the name Slatkin will go down in history for home fragrance that made me very proud. I have made a mark and I did change the industry into a behemoth. People will never live without home scent and I am glad that I have made so many people happy who use my products. And thank goodness it is a Living Legend award and not something in memoriam!

For more information about Harry Slatkin or to purchase Slatkin & Co. candles, visit bathandbodyworks.com.

Jennifer and Christine
photo credit (c) 2009 Photo Baude.


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