Wednesday, May 6, 2009

how-to create brooke's waves and rosario's messy chignon

If I hit the lottery tomorrow, I would so start building an entourage.

You know...personal chef, personal trainer, etc...the general people behind every celebrity you see. The best of the best.

Oscar Blandi would sooooo be, on that list.

He is a hair guru extraordinaire who is honestly sincerely gifted with scissors. If you see a celeb with to-die-for hair, chances are he's behind it.

Here's some hair how-tos from Blandi on how he created the looks for the Costume Institute Gala at The Metropolitan Museum of Art on May 4, 2009 in New York City.

Read on...

Brooke Shields
(wearing Calvin Klein Collection)

With Brooke’s hair, Oscar wanted to keep it very clean. “I decided to give her curls and keep them loose so that the look stayed soft.” When her hair was still wet, he applied his Volumizing Spray to the root and then the Onde Wave Spray all over the hair to really lock in the curl. After drying the hair, he used both a medium and large barrel curling iron throughout. Using two different size barrels prevents the curls from all being the same size and ultimately blending together, so this way we avoid the blending and create more dimension. Once the curls were finished, he gently applied a small amount of Jasmine Oil on the hair to create sheen and sprayed Lacca hairspray all over.

Rosario Dawson
(wearing Diane von Furstenberg)

“For Rosario, I created what I like to call an abstract chignon.” First Oscar blow dried the hair straight and then secured a low pony tail above the nape of the neck. Once the ponytail is set, you add medium and large size plastic rollers to the loose hair (again with both sizes to ensure texture throughout the hair). Then he sprayed Onde Wave Spray while setting the curl make sure the hair takes. Once he pulled out the rollers, it was easy to create a chignon with loose pieces-- you just follow the curve of the hair and begin pinning sections in place with a bobby pin. Feel free to let hair hang and fall as it may and pull out pieces in the front to layer around the face. The final step was to spray the look with Lacca for hold through the night.

Gorgeous...don't you think?

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