Saturday, May 2, 2009

laura mercier satinee creme eye colour

I have always been a fan of creme (or is it cream...I can never figure that out) eye shadows.

Love them for their ease of use and the fact that I can use fingers or brushes to achieve the look I want.

I had the chance to check out Laura Mercier Satinee Creme Eye Color in Stone Suede ($22) which is described as a steely blue-grey kinda color...but to me there's also a little hint of a light brown-ish taupe shade.

The way to use it is to dispense a little of the product (trust me a little goes a long way) on the back of your hand and use a brush (or your fingers) to apply.

The trick I've found is to blend fast, as it sets up pretty quickly. You can always go back in and layer more, but I go for a nice, sheer wash of color on the lid. It's perfect and very casual-mommy-chic for daytime.

Try or your local Mercier counter for more info or to purchase.


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Kim of The HLMN said...

I've been wanting to try this for a long time! Thanks for this review!

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