Tuesday, May 26, 2009

nutri system challenge....week 1

Eight days ago I started the Nutri-System challenge....and I'll admit it's been a little rough for me. When we were offered to try it, I was very excited and thought it was perfect timing before major swimsuit season and it would finally help me to lose those stubborn 5 pounds I can't seem to make budge. And since Jenn is preggers, I was the lucky one to partake in the month long challenge. So at least once a week I will update everyone on my progress...and I'm keeping it honest.

I decided to try the Women's Basic Plan (there are 4 different plans...Basic, Silver, Diabetic and Vegetarian). I also opted for the Members Favorite, where they pre-pick all the food. You can also custom select all of your food, but since I had never done anything like this before, I let them send whatever the popular items were. You get 3 meals a day, plus a snack and a dessert.

All 28 days of food showed up on my doorstep in one big box. It was a Friday, so I decided the following Monday would be D-Day (diet day). The food all comes prepackaged, most things you either have to add hot water to or pop in the microwave for about a minute. The only thing you have to add is all the veggies, fruit, dairy and protein. You get a book where you check off each item for each meal and write in what you have eaten.

So far, I haven't lost much weight, maybe a pound or two. The reason I don't really know yet, is last week was that special time in a girl's life and my weight fluctuates a lot during those few days...(side note....when you are PMSing, it is NOT a good idea to start a diet...I craved chocolate the whole week and was not a happy camper).

The actual food has been interesting. Everything is very loaded with protein, so I feel full before I finish. I have had a couple items I have enjoyed and a couple I rather forget about. But to it's credit, it very quickly made me realize a few things: I don't eat enough fruit and veggies, my portion control was really out of whack, and I usually just had coffee in the mornings until lunch - not a good idea.

Since I said I was going to keep it honest, I totally didn't follow it this weekend. We were out 2 of the 3 days for multiple meals, although I did think twice before ordering and at the party we went to, I totally restrained myself from the insanely delicious catered food, and made sure to have more fruit and veggies than anything else. Today, I am feeling guilty for the weekend so I have rededicated myself to the challenge.

Check back next week for the Week 2 update. Hopefully I will have lost another pound or two!


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Maria @ Beauty Is Within said...

It looks like we're all working on our bathing suit bodies! I've never been on a diet, so I give you props for trying this out... I'm just going to stick to my workouts. I like food too much to go on a diet ;)

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