Monday, June 8, 2009

beauty buys under $10 - styli-style 24 hour power nano liner

Super compact and easy to use...not to mention long-lasting...the Styli-Style 24-Hour Power Nano Liner ($6.50) delivers on it's promise.

It lasts throughout the day, until you take it off at night.

No joke.

It's fine-tipped-kinda-magic-markeresque end allows you to draw a thin or thicker line in seconds.

The size of the product though is what I love best. You can easily slip it into your bag...true...but the best part is how it's compact size enables you to get thisclose to your eye.

Something the longer pencils don't allow.

Plus anything in mini form always gets me.

The only thing I should note, is that it dries pretty quickly...meaning if you want a smudgy line do it right away or forget about it.

It comes in black, black-brown, carbon black, and grey. I tested the black, but the subtly-pretty grey is calling my name.

Check them out at



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