Tuesday, June 9, 2009

christine's nail color of the week....opi samoan sand

Alright...more like Christine's Nail Color of the the last 3 months, but I haven't really had my nails done much and when I have I keep forgetting to take a picture of it and for a while there I was stuck with one color that I already mentioned.

This week I got a much needed mani...our community pool opened and it has dried my cuticles out so bad it's not funny. I was deciding between 2 different colors when the lady came up to get me and I felt rushed and just put one back. The one I ended up with was OPI Samoan Sand.

Before I load the pictures, let me explain that is my pick for this week....if you aren't fair or have cool toned skin. This color would look amazing on the darker/warmer skin tones...like my mom - who coincidentally, the same day I got my mani I called her up to tell her she should try this color and not only does she already own it, but has also applied it that same day...weird. But my mom is a medium/medium tan on the bare escentuals scale, so she is quite a bit darker than me and is also perfect for the warmer colors. It's definitely a neutral color, but is more peach than pink, as you can see. I put up 2 different pics since I took them in different light. The second one doesn't look as bad, but the color is truer to the first one.

I promise to be better with this segment and get back into the routine of dong my nails on a regular basis!


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Wigs dublin said...

I like the shade as it can be wear any where....and also looks good for the those who like to have natural shades for their nails....

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