Thursday, June 4, 2009

nutri system challenge....week 2

It's been a little over 2 weeks now since I started the Nutri-System challenge....and I'll admit it's still been a little rough for me. I have lost about a pound since last week. Better than nothing I suppose.

I'm pretty particular about my food, and if I don't like it I'm not going to eat it. I have been doing really well with my breakfasts. If I opt to not eat one of the prepared meals, I have a bowl of Special K with some fruit on it and a glass of milk or a hard boiled egg (for protein). The basic idea of the plan is make sure you have enough protein (protein keeps the munchies away). Thank the heavens coffee isn't counted and you can have moderation of course. Same goes for tea and diet soda. I don't do diet soda so I have been having my morning cup of coffee and then for the rest of the day I make a huge pitcher of Crystal Light flavored water. I can't do straight water all day but I'm loving all the new flavors they have out now and I find myself drinking those 8 glasses a day.

The lunches haven't been to bad, if it's a pasta meal I will add some cheese as my one dairy/protein for the meal. Same goes for the dinner. The pasta dishes have all been better than I thought they would be. And the Asian inspired meals aren't too shabby as well.

It seems like my biggest downfall has been making sure I get enough veggies every day. The serving size is much bigger than I ever thought; so I have been making a lot of salads to make sure I get enough.

Check back next week for the Week 3 update. Hopefully I will have lost another pound or two!


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Leane said...

I am so totally picky with food that I won't sign up for a program cause I always hate the food. I have been trying to use portion control and a healthy balance to get results. Taking control of your eating and your lifestyle can be empowering. It worries me that so many mothers don't think of what they are putting into their family's bodies and minds. Good luck with your journey! For a great snack, I love to munch on cherry tomatoes and carrot sticks....and popcorn can be guilt free too.

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