Monday, June 8, 2009

world oceans day limited edition creme de la mer

Today marks date of the U.N. designated World Oceans Day.

In honor of their sea heritage and continued support of Oceana...the world’s leading international ocean advocacy organization...La Mer is proud to announce that as part of this partnership, they have designed a limited-edition 250 ml “World Oceans Day” Crème, with 100% of net proceeds going to Oceana.

The World Oceans Day limited edition Crème de la Mer will be sold in May and June at Saks Fifth Avenue and It's one of my favorite creams and the perfect time to pick one up!

Watch the video below for more details.



Synthetic hair wigs said...

It is great to have this cream as it gives all the natural stuff to the skin....

1955nurse said...

I have ALWAYS wanted to try this line - but it's way too expensive for me to purchase w/out trying 1st. Why is it that we NEVER see a giveaway of anything 'LaMer' ??????

Jennifer said...

Hi 1955 Nurse!
It's definitely a great doubt. We'd love to have a giveaway with Creme de la Mer, unfortunately they've never offered to do one with I would only assume that would go for some of the other blogs out there as well. I don't think I've ever seen a La Mer giveaway on the blogs that I frequent.

I have two suggestions, first up...try your local Nordies for some samples. The one by me had just started selling it there and I scored a great sized sample jar. That's how I was able to see if I liked it. Second, try Makeup Alley. There are some Creme de la Mers on there to be traded. Maybe you have something that they might like. It's worth a shot.

Trust me...if we ever get the opportunity to give away some La Mer goodies, you guys will be the first to know!


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