Monday, July 27, 2009

beauty buys under $10 - pure silk shave cream by barbasol

Hello all!

I'm back. Well...sorta back at least.

I'm pretty much exhausted from lack of sleep, but excited since we brought our daughter back from the hospital.

Being that I'm going to have to find moments here and there to get down to business and write some posts, they're probably going to be more of the short but sweet variety.

So bear with me whilst I work out the schedules of our newborn, her toddler brother, and the general running of the household.


It's still case you can't tell by the ridiculous heat that's been going on since forever...and that means that you're probably going to break down and wear some shorts at one point or another.

Something that I try to put off as long as possible honey.

And unless you've adopted some new 70's free thinking Woodstock-y kinda ideals, bare legs equal shaving.

To rid myself of my hairy limbs, I normally just hop in the shower and use the same soap/shower gel that I wash with to shave my legs.

Hey, don't judge me cause I'm lazy.

It's quick, easy, and generally gets the job done free of any major issues.

Lately though, this is something that I've been trying out and I actually like.

Pure Silk Shave Cream by Barbasol (yes, that Barbasol) is a moisturizing cream that contains skin conditioners and emollients to protect your skin while shaving.

The ingredients in each formula work to reduce friction from the razor blade and help you get a smoother, more comfortable shave.

It's also available in six yummy scents...Raspberry Mist, Citrus Zest, Melon Splash, Plumeria, Coconut & Oat Flour, and Peaches & Cream.

I tested the Peaches and Cream.

Not only do I love the smell, I also love how easy it makes shaving in the shower as well as give me a closer shave than my usual soap and water routine.

It's also a major bargain at only $1.79 a can.

How can that not be a great thing?

You can find Pure Silk at and your local drugstore.



Anonymous said...

congrats! on a new baby girl wish you all the very very best of everything sharon m

Leane said...

A BIG congratulations. Not just on having a new baby, but also finding time to blog and keep up with everything else. That's pretty amazing, momma!

Great review. I will have to try some myself.

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