Thursday, July 9, 2009

nutri system challenge....weeks 3 and 4...sort of (and a giveaway too)'s the scoop. I was unable to finish the NutriSystem Challenge due to some personal issues. I did the first two weeks and then my darling husband was more than happy to start where I left off.

So here is what Troy has to say about his experience with the NutriSystem Challenge:

"I sit at a desk all day long and find it hard not to continually snack and raid the vending machines. Since I've taken over the NutriSystem from my wife I've actually found it easier to get through the day without snacking as much.

At the beginning of the NutriSystem diet I weighed about 177 lbs. Several weeks later I weigh 177 lbs. During that time, however, I have found that I don't get hunger headaches during the day and I have more energy for a mid day workout.

Surprisingly I've found the meals to be satisfying when coupled with fruit...which makes me realize how little fruit I ate before. Now it (fruit) is integral to my everyday lunch. The other part I like about the system is that I can just grab some stuff and go. I am very forgetful and usually forget to bring food to work. I then go to the cafeteria or hotdog stand. With the system I can store food at work and just bring a few little add on items like fruit or something. I have found almost everything I've tasted to be edible. Its not going to win any food of the year awards but you will enjoy you lunch and not feel like you are being cheated."

From my standpoint, he used to call me and complain about how hungry he was, but he never had time to go get something or he didn't feel like making the long journey to the cafeteria (which did not have the best options). I don't think I have heard him say any of his normal complaints and he comes home every day, very proud of himself and shares what he ate. He hasn't lost any weight but he really didn't have much to lose before he started this. Like he said, he just does the NutriSystem for snacks and lunch and then I usually make dinner. We have been way more aware of making sure to add fruit where ever possible and veggies as well. Although I'm pretty good about making sure there are several at dinner.

So that's out experience with the NutriSystem Challenge and now
2 lucky readers have the opportunity to experience it themselves!! And now NutriSysytem has added another line, the Select Line, that includes a variety of frozen menu items. Each winner will receive a month's worth of a combination of the ready-to-go line (the one I tried) and the new Select line. I wish I had been able to try out the frozen meals, they sound pretty good. Anything that includes ice cream sandwiches as part of their diet is a friend of mine. Check out what you can get at

Now for the giveaway always, send us an email at with "NutriSystem Giveaway" in the subject line. Be sure to include your full name and mailing address.

We will randomly select two winners July 26th at 11pm est. The winner will be announced on Monday, the 27th!

Alright, just to clarify...One entry per person, duplicate entries will not increase your odds of winning. For this giveaway, only US residents may enter. You have from now until July 26th at 11:00 PM EST to enter.

Good luck!!

Jennifer and Christine

proud members of total beauty and the bbn networks

*Please Read This: In entering this contest you are giving us permission to forward your name and mailing address to representatives for NutriSystem for fulfillment and mailing of contest prize(s). If you fail to include that information we will disqualify your entry. Two winners, chosen at random, will receive the prize(s) mentioned. Duplicate entries will not improve your chances of winning. Giveaway sponsored by NutriSystem. Some restrictions may apply. Open only to US residents only...sorry. Entries will be accepted through 11:00 pm on Sunday, July 26th, 2009.


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