Friday, July 17, 2009

to our readers...

So, you may have noticed we have been a little sporadic in our postings lately...

Well, here's the scoop:

Jenn was actually sent to bed rest for about 3 weeks. The little lady decided she still wanted out of there and came 2 weeks early. Both baby and mommy are doing great. But it was a rough couple of weeks until 2 days ago when they finally got to bring the baby home. So, now Jenn is trying to figure out how to recover from a C-section, care for a very energetic 3 year old, and of course, the newest addition.

So, I have been trying to pick up the slack with Jenn out of commission. I'm not doing so well, but I am trying.

With all of that and the fact that in the year and half we have been doing the blog, we have never taken a break, we have decided to take the next week off. Jenn needs to get her routine going and I'm actually going on vacation, where there is no computer. So it comes at a perfect time. We will be back on July 27th.

Until then, if you haven't already...don't forget to enter our NutriSystem Giveaway!! The winner will be announced the 27th. Click here for more info.

Have a wonderful week and thanks for understanding!!

Jennifer and Christine


Elke Von Freudenberg said...

Hi Girls! A big hug and xoxo to the new mommy!!! Yeah, it's a girl! Congrats and rest up and take it easy if you can! We'll hold the fort down for ya over at The Beauty Blog Network. Take care of yourself!! Love, elke

Anonymous said...

Congratulations and get well kwik Jenn!
Christine, you're doing great, and it's good you [both] take a break - you deserve it!

hugs to both of you!
from a shy fat housewife

Samara said...

Congratulations! And enjoy your vacation. We'll miss you!

Ouidad said...

Good luck to mom and baby! Christine, enjoy your vacation and try to kick back and relax! Great work as always!
Linda for Ouidad

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