Wednesday, August 19, 2009's the deal...

Seems Christine has gone on vacay yet again and I'm manning the ship.

Anywho I had the grandiose idea that I was going to do a couple of postings a day because I had some things to chat about when...wham!...I got dealt the Mastitis card on Monday and literally felt the sickest I've felt in years.

Try a 103.5 temperature, a breast (or boo-boo as my son refers to them) infection, headaches, aches all over, and fatigue.

BTW the boo-boo infection made my right one feel like it had gone 10 rounds as a punching bag for a prize fighter...we're talking serious pain,

And to think that all of this came from our new addition's teeny tiny mouth.

After my doctor diagnosed it...after spending an insane 1 1/2 hours waiting in his waiting room sleeping in a chair that wasn't exactly comfortable (grrr)...his nurse gave me a shot (in my behind thank you very much) that actually burned like hell, and gave me a prescription that (sorry for being so graphic here) makes me poo.

Sooooooo...that's been my couple o' days.

Good times.

The point of this whole thing is I will return us to our regularly scheduled postings as soon as I can get my act that I'm feeling more like myself.

So...thanks for hanging in there.



Anonymous said...

oh no!!! such indignities you've been forced to put up with:-(
Get well super kwik:-)

*hugs* from a chubby chickie who cares

M and J said...

OMG...i feel soooo sorry for you but your post made me laugh! the things we women have to go through! men have no idea, and a once-every-couple-of-years-prostate exam doesn't even come close! hope you feel better very soon :)

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