Thursday, August 6, 2009

cibu sticky rice pomade

This has to be one of my favorite finishing products.

Cibu's Sticky Rice Pomade ($17) became an instant number 1 after my hairstylist used it on me a couple of years ago.

It's perfect for my chin length bob because it delivers the pieciness and light hold that takes my style from meh to perfect.

Plus the scent is absolutely divine...kinda unisex, so it's not too flowery or sickeningly sweet.

As with anything else, a little goes a long way. Trust me, too much will leave your hair looking and feeling weighed down and gloppy.

For my hair length, I start off with an amount that's about as big as the tip of my index finger.

I then emulsify it in my hands until it's clear, then apply it to my strands here and there for texture and definition...dragging my fingers from roots to ends each time.


The container will also last you eons. I swear that I've been working on the same product for the past year.

Check it out at any Bubbles salon, or online at



Shelby said...

so obsessed with this. my stylist, who's a doll, recommended it to me and I was hooked instantly.

she gave me a really interesting tip. take the amount that you plan on using and put it on the back on your hand (on whatever hand you won't use to style). Then, wipe a bit off with your index finger and use your index and thumb to apply. That keeps it warm but give you much easier control of how much you use.

Unknown said...

I love Cibu Sticky Rice! I could be biased. Thanks for the shout out...we'd love to share more Cibu for you to try.

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