Thursday, August 13, 2009

dear beauty in real life...

Here's a question from one of our readers...

Dear ladies,

I am also a mother. I have a 17 year old daughter with long hair that is breaking at the ends. She is a professional singer who has a great career. She now has to work long hours and still keep her locks looking good. One hairstylist on set used a curling iron and damaged the ends. This damage has shown up on the video. I want help to keep up her appearance. What do you suggest?

Thank you,
Fashion Mama

Here's what I think...

First off, congrats to your daughter for her career! How amazing it is and how proud you must be!

Alright, let's get to the nitty gritty. While I'm not a hairstylist, I have been to a million of them and I always read up on this topic when it comes up in my favorite monthly reads. Plus I had a friend back in the day whose hair was so overly processed (bleach overload) that it was literally falling out in chunks.

Her fix was a huge trim for the extremely damaged ends and deep conditioning for the rest of her remaining hair until it could grow out.

Thankfully, I don't believe that your daughter's state is that bad off...the fact that there are no chunks missing is a great sign.

It sounds like her big issue is damage due to heat styling. Which could happen if either the stylist did not use a heat protectant on your daughter's hair before using the curling iron, or if they were constantly restyling her hair during the shoot. Weather could have even played a part if it was really dry...assuming it was shot outside.

Depending how damaged the ends are, I would think that she probably needs a little trim. It shouldn't have be a major one though. I know the last thing someone wants to hear is that they might have to cut their hair, but unfortunately with some damage, there really is nothing else that you can do.

In the meantime (and then after the trim) I definitely suggest that she start using a deep conditioner as well as a shampoo and conditioner for dry/damaged hair.

A couple of my favorite brands are Pureology and Kerastase.

Also, she might want to start giving her hair a break from any heating tools during her downtime or at least on the weekends. Just wash, condition, use a leave-in, and then air dry. If she has to use a blow dryer, use it after she's let her hair air dry for a while and make sure that she uses a heat protectant before.

Hopefully with these tips, your daughter's hair will be looking healthy and gorgeous again!


P.S. You've read my tips, now what do you suggest? Leave your tips and/or favorite products that keep your hair looking its best in the comments below!

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Amy said...

I decided recently that I needed to try something to keep my hair from breaking so easily and reverse some damage as well. However, my budget's a lil tight, so I tried Dove's new Intense Damage Therapy Shampoo & Conditioner. So far my hair's loving it! It was a great deal at around $2.50 a bottle!

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