Friday, August 21, 2009

love this...nars cream eyeshadow in corfu

I'm basically between feedings and toddler toys here, so this one's going to be on the short side.

After locking myself in my bathroom for two minutes of sanity...totally not kidding there...I started glancing through the latest issue of Lucky with Mandy Moore on the cover.

Inside she talks about some of her favorite things and this is one of them.

NARS Cream Eye Shadow in Corfu
($21) is a shade that she uses year round...definitely because of the fact that it's a great neutral with a touch of sparkle (it's described as a shimmering taupe on the NARS site).

The cool part is that I've had this in my bag a few months now for exactly the same reason. It's perfect for quick all over color, especially on those I'm-feeling-really-makeup-lazy-days.

Just swipe it on with your finger, add some mascara and go.

Done and done.

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P.S. If you haven't already, you must get the September Lucky on newsstands now. It's all about fall fashion and there's some great stuff in there from the beauty editors. Love.

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Unknown said...

this range of eyeshadow has a touch of sparkle. i loved this very much as i can wear it any part of season. Now would surely visit to your other ranges also.


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