Monday, August 3, 2009

new trailer for the september issue

Hello from Sleepless in Suburbia!

Yes, it's me...thanks for hanging in there while I work out the kinks and try to get our newest addition on some sort of schedule.

I'm also starting to feel the effects of my C-Section and I've been ridiculously sore.

Add in a 3 1/2 year old all-over-the-place toddler and you can pretty much figure out why I'm beyond exhausted.

But, what are you gonna do huh?

Anyway, coming soon to theaters is The September Issue, the movie that all fashionistas are drooling for.

In case you have no clue what it's going to be about or why people are insane about its release here's a 2 second's basically going to be a behind the scenes peek at the inner workings of Vogue and features the infamous Anna Wintour.

Here's the newest trailer that just entered our inbox...

Alright, can I just say that I adore Anna Wintour?

I mean, she would probably freak me the hell out if she was my boss...but I adore her none-the-less.

Unfortunately though, we're all going to have to wait for September 11th for the awesomeness that is won't be released nationally until then (although it's due for an August 28th release date in NYC).

At least that'll give me time to plan a girls night.

Lord knows I'll be needing one by then.


1 Comment:

G said...

I CANNOT wait to see this - great trailer!

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