Monday, August 31, 2009

redken sheer straight

About 3 weeks ago I stumbled across this product from Redken...Sheer Straight. Which is a lightweight straightening gel for fine hair.

It is suppose to add touchable smoothness to fine hair, weightless feel won't leave hair flat or lifeless, helps protect from heat damage, and features something called Straight-Out Complex. The Straight-out Complex provides lasting smoothness while caring for hair and has proteins help build internal strength and support to reinforce the hair's structure. And also features coconut and olive oils, which help condition and moisturize for flawlessly soft, shiny locks. As a result, the hair is amazingly straight and frizz-free.

I haven't always been a huge fan of Redken. There have been a couple products here and there that I enjoy, but for the most part the line seems too heavy for my hair. I saw that this was specific for fine hair and also helps protect against heat damage which I need desperately since I blowdry almost everyday and usually flat iron some section just as often.

To use this product, first I towel dry my hair and then apply some volumizing something or other to my roots and then I apply a small amount of the Sheer Straight just to the ends - actually from my ears, down to the ends. Whatever is left in my hands I run through the rest of my hair since I have little baby flyaways and layers. And then blowdry, and flat iron if I need. First, the smell is lovely. It's like a high-end salon product smell. I have noticed my hair is straighter, with less crazy flyaways. The other little tip I will pass on, is that a little goes a long, long way. And if you end up using too much, you will have that nice overdone, slick look going on.

Check out for more info. The Sheer Straight sells for around $12-$13, depending on where you can find it. I know Ulta carries it.



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