Thursday, September 24, 2009

beauty buys under $10...rembrandt intense stain toothpaste

I'm just gonna say it...if your teeth are a mess, no lippie in the world is going to look good on.


I mean, seriously, you need to fix those little cosmetic issues before you do anything else.

And let's not get into the fact of how much stained teeth can age you.

Something I've been loving is Rembrandt Intense Stain Toothpaste ($8)...a toothpaste created to deal with the deep stains like coffee and wine.

It's formulated with a unique blend of high-performing micro-polishing particles to cleanse, as well as stain-fighting ingredients and fluoride to restore and strengthen enamel.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) free for gentle and effective cleansing, there's also enhanced foaming ingredients that create a rich and creamy lather.

All I know, is that in the few weeks that I've been using it, my smile is definitely whiter.  Something that always works for me.

I also love the way it tastes after crazy-bad aftertaste.  Just minty freshness.

The added bonus of being able to pick this up on a grocery run?




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