Wednesday, September 16, 2009

fall style tips from lauren conrad and kohl's

I've found out that with LC, you either love her style, or you don't.

I'm definitely on the love side of the equation.

While some may call her vanilla and they don't like the fact that she doesn't take crazy risks, I happen to think that it's the best thing about her.

Her look is effortless, yet chic.

Something that I wouldn't mind wearing at all...any time of the day.

I mean, if want to see some crazy getups, I'll just check out Chloe Sevigny, or the nutty Olsen twin...not both, just the one who dresses like she's a little woo-hoo.

Kohl's department store...which I adore for their line of Food Network kitchen items carries LC Lauren Conrad.

Here's Conrad herself, giving a little sneak peek of what to expect...

Is she not just the cutest thing?

To take a look at what's available now, head on over to


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rakeback said...

Lauren is such a talented designer. I have followed her since she was on Laguna Beach and again on The Hills, and shes such a beautiful woman. I hope she continues down the successful path she's on.

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