Friday, September 11, 2009

fashion week spring 2010...the perfect pony by sebastian professional at the michael angel show

While I wasn't able to attend Fashion Week this fall*...cue sad violin music...I am going to do my best and bring you the beauty news and looks from the shows.

Hey...I gotta hook you up somehow right?

So here's the first one I'm in love with...the perfect pony at the Michael Angel Spring 2010 show.

I swear that this is the time I am going to grow out my hair so that I can do some variation of this.

I'm totally serious this time...stop laughing at me.  This look is honestly too gorgeous for words. was the inspiration...

Taking inspiration from strong influential women like Nancy Cunard, Josephine Baker and Schiaparelli, Michael Angel directed a Spring ’10 beauty look that’s meant to replace the depressing, dark days of yore with a revived, empowered and reenergized youthfulness. A fresh, healthy “just come back from holiday” look subtly complements the collection’s energy-packed, color-rich and cool designs that Michael is famous for.'s how to get the look at home...courtesy of Sebastian Professional lead stylist Thomas Dunkin...

To keep this ponytail from looking cold and severe, Dunkin kept the crown soft and clean, allowing some of the hair’s natural texture free reign for a played-in feeling. Here’s how to create your own perfect pony:

1. Apply Sebastian Professional Thickefy Foam to damp hair; blend evenly throughout
2. Blow hair out straight with a medium to large-sized round brush
3. Neatly brush hair back with a comb or flat brush and fasten with a hair tie just below eye level to avoid looking too “sporty”
4. Smooth the first half of the head with Shine Define for a shiny finish or apply Microweb Fiber to entice rogue wisps for a more lived-in look
5. Mist the length with Halo Mist and leave smooth and straight

To get the look at home, Thomas Dunkin suggests combining shine stylers with texturizers to juxtapose elegance with beautiful imperfection. Here's his product "prescription":

Thickefy Foam – Weightless thickener for natural volume ($15.95)
Halo Mist – UV filter weightless shine spray ($16.95)
Microweb Fiber – Elastic texturizer for malleable, touchable texture ($18.95)
Shine Define – The ultimate versatile hairspray for shine and flexible hold ($15.95)

Find them online at


*of course the birth of mine and Big L's daughter was the highlight of our summer, I sure as hell would have loved to have attended.  could you just imagine if I did attend with little l and little e though? a toddler running around backstage and a baby strapped to my front in a Baby Bjorn?  how hilarious would that be?

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