Tuesday, September 29, 2009

june jacobs creamy cranberry cleanser

Finally, fall is here.

The whole fam is even heading out to a local farm this weekend for some pumpkin picking, hay riding, corn mazing, and general fall-farm-tasticness.

Basically me and Big L chasing after little l and trying to get through the whole ordeal without going completely insane.

Okay...getting back to the beauty product you see to your right...

June Jacobs Creamy Cranberry Cleanser ($44) is just that, creamy and cranberry-y and overall one of my faves.

First off...it smells exactly like cranberries.

Love that.

Secondly, it cleans my face of the makeup and gunk that collects there (say it with me...ewww) and leaves it feeling refreshed and soft once it's rinsed off.

Not stripped and dry.  Seriously...who would want their skin to feel like that anyways?

Certainly not me.

Find yours at junejacobs.com.



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