Wednesday, September 9, 2009

la mer the radiant concealer

Something I am dying to try...La Mer The Radiant Concealer SPF 25 ($65)...being that I love pretty much anything La Mer.

It's described as a lightweight cream-to-powder concealer and it's formulated to instantly camouflage and ease imperfections using tourmaline and malachite gemstones.

A unique polymer mesh technology is said to help with application, so that it won't crease and look all cakey like some other concealers on the market.

Having an SPF 25 isn't a bad idea either.

Is it a splurge?

In a word...yes.

But, it does come with its own brush and you should only need a little to do the job. Both of which means that it should last you a while at least.

Plus a concealer that can do all this would be worth its weight in gold in my book.

I honestly haven't tried this, but next chance I get to check this out I'll definitely let you know.

For more info, try or your local Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, or Saks Fifth Avenue.


1 Comment:

Leane said...

This seems amazing. I think you may have found THE.PERFECT.CONCEALER!

I am dying to try it.
The price tag is hefty for me. I have to go write a letter to Santa!
Great find.

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