Sunday, September 20, 2009

lorac red carpet reveal collection

So the Emmys are on tonight and no doubt celebs will start getting ready at the crack of dawn on the West Coast.

I would.

Mainly because you will (hopefully) be photographed out the wazoo and will then have those images seen over a million outlets.

So basically if you look like utter crap, you're going to see it over and over again.

That's definitely not good.

One thing is for sure though, your look doesn't stop at the dress.  Everything from the shoes to the hair should be perfect and should all work together in some way.
That's where the pros come in.

Now, us regular Joes probably only utilize a come-to-your-home makeup artist on something like your big day and we're definitely not going to get the person who created the brand.  If you're a celeb on the other hand...or insanely do.

You probably have them on speed dial.

One person who will be busy?

Carol Shaw, Celebrity Makeup Artist, Founder of LORAC Cosmetics, and possessor of gorgeous makeup that doesn't make one look like they're too done up.

Something new from LORAC is her Red Carpet Ready collection.  Something that she'll probably have on her as she makes her Emmy rounds today.

Here's a few standouts from the collection that I'm loving...

Breakthrough Performance Lipstick with SPF 15 ($22)
These lipsticks are infused with a collagen-boosting formula, LORAC’s exclusive SMS Complex, which is said to prevent the signs of aging by promoting cell turnover.   It's available in 7 long-wearing creamy shades, but I could totally see me wearing It Girl and Nude Scene. Can I also tell you how smooth and easy they go on? 

Front of the Line Pro ($22)
With it's no budge, no-smudge waterproof formula it's kind of a no-brainer.  The added bonus that it lasts all day just makes it that much better.  The flexible tip applicator delivers precise application and ultimate control.  Definitely something we're going to see on the red carpet.

Red Carpet Reveal Palette ($35)
It's pretty much all you need, being that it includes three color-coordinated eye shadows and a blush. The fun part is that the colors are named after the steps a starlet takes down the Red Carpet – Debut, Pose, Interview and Main Attraction. It also includes a duel ended shadow/ liner brush which allows for easy application and travel.

Bring on the Red Carpet arrivals!

Try for more info or to purchase.



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