Tuesday, September 1, 2009

natural eye kit by too faced

First off, I am totally not the chick that you are going to catch wearing fuchsia eyeshadow.

That just ain't gonna happen.

No offense to those that do...if that's your thing then work it...but for me...I don't think so. Could you imagine me picking up my son from preschool with some insane color on my face? They would look at me like I was nuts and I would instantly be labeled as that mom.

No thanks.

That's why something like this Too Faced Natural Eye Kit ($34) is so genius and just all around perfect for me.

The colors are natural and neutral, essential for daytime or anytime really and...dare I say it...perfect for a mom on-the-go.

What's cool too is that they actually added cards to help you achieve a day look, a classic look, and a fashion look.

Each one taking about five minutes to do.

Plus the price makes it a no-brainer. You get 9 different colors in the kit, which makes it about $3.75 a shadow.

Not bad huh?

Check out toofaced.com, for more info or to purchase.


1 Comment:

Bella B. said...

I've been SO curious to try this kit...plus the more dramatic version too. :) I imagine they both would look gorgeous!

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