Friday, September 11, 2009

where the hell is michael kors?

Alright, he's not exactly missing per se...he's going to be showing at NY Fashion Week obviously.

But I'm really missing MK from my Thursday night Project Runway eppies...ya know?

Especially last night's*.

I love his comments...which I would have included some snippets here btw, unfortunately Weinstein and Co have put the kabosh on using any of those on You Tube...and his insane fashion sense.

Totally missing that he hasn't been on the show in ages people.

AGES. case you're like me and love the Kors, here's a little something to make you smile.  Loving the fact that he's a gossip mag addict.



*how hideous were some of those dresses right? i actually LOVED the suit by Althea, even though some people seemed to have hated it.  to check it out, click here.


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