Friday, October 2, 2009

bobbi brown holiday 2009

Bobbi Brown's new Holiday Collection is another one that's killing me softly with its awesomeness.

It's being released this month at Bobbi Brown counters and online at

Here's some of what I'm loving right now...

Bobbi Brown Black Plum Deluxe Beauty Trunk ($500) is calling my name.  I am in desperate need of something to store my makeup in and this just delivers that wow factor.  Much better than the Target bins I'm using now.  It's definitely a major...I'll say it again...major splurge in the storage department.  But it's truly divine.  Available at select Neiman Marcus Bobbi Brown counters.

This Earth Metal Lip and Eye Palette ($60) combines six shimmer eye shadows and four creamy lip colors to help you create a myriad of looks.  The added brushes make it easy for travel, or for just slipping in your makeup bag for after work primping.  Here's the colors that are included...

And's what's making me drool right now.

The Limited Edition Glitter Balm Palette ($40) is just...wait a minute, I'm tearing up here...about perfection in my book. Loving the colors. Loving the fact that they're glittery. Loving the fact that they're balms. Just loving it all around.  The colors are as follows from left to right, Crystal Rose, Crystal Diamond, Pink Crystal, and Crystal Gold.

I need a Kleenex.

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