Tuesday, October 13, 2009

darac brow trio

A perfectly goof-proof way to fill in your brows.

Everything you need is here...a brow brush. brow color, and eye-brightening powder...in one simple pencil.

Although it's hard to tell, the pencil tip itself is chiseled into a perfect shape that allows for easy feathering action during application.

To make it even easier Darac even delivers the how-to steps on his site daracbeauty.com.

I'm using this right now to fill in those little spare areas that somehow got my brows all off track in the neatness department.

I used this the other day, in fact, and Big L made the comment on how fabulous my brows looked.  Okay, he didn't exactly use the word fabulous, but you get the idea.

You can get yours for $22, at daracbeauty.com .

editor's note: this review includes a product provided to me by the company. the links provided are not affiliate links...meaning they are links but I am making no money from them...trust me on that.  

1 Comment:

InkyW said...

I just got this over the weekend and gave it a try. I was surprised at how nice the chiseled pencil is but wonder how it will stay in that nice shape. The highlighter is wonderful and I also used it in the corners of my eyes for brightness! a very well designed brow pencil!

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