Saturday, October 31, 2009

happy mac-oween!

See what I did there?

Man I'm funny.

Or a little's 2am and I cannot fall asleep for the life of me.

Anywho, just in case you're in the mood for dressing up...or if you want a cute design to paint your child's face and don't want to use the (apparently) lead-tainted face paints that may or may not be out's MAC Cosmetics and their amazing makeup artists to the rescue!

Here's the step by step instructions on how to acheive the look you see above.

1. Cover the whole face with Luna Cream Colour Base with Brush #249.

2. Outline the butterfly design with Fascinating Eye Kohl and sketch detail of wings.

3. Begin with using Brush #242 to shade Juxt Eye Shadow under the eyes, and then follow by blending the
following Eye Shadows outward to create an airbrushed effect that moves from green, to blue, to purple: Colors used...Swimming, Aquadisiac, Moon’s Reflection, and Stars and Rockets.

4. Use Brush #242 to apply Gorgeous Gold Eye Shadow along the inner corner of the eye and blend upward with Expensive Pink, Coppering, and Sushi Flower to finish the upper portion of the butterfly with an airbrushed finesse.

5. Use Brush #209 with Boot Black Liquid Liner to outline the butterfly and detail pattern inside of the wings.

6. Use Brush #252 with Carbon Eye Shadow to shade over the entire face.

7. Use Duo to apply Lash #42 to the upper lashline and finish with two to three coats with Zoomblack Mascara.

8. Define the lip with Velvetella Cremestick Liner. Apply Cyber Lipstick with Brush #311 and Girl About Town Lipstick along the inner lip for a strong highlight. Finish with a glossy coat of Dazzleglass in Date Night.


Use Rapidblack Penultimate Liner to illustrate defined, delicate black brows, using the upper edge of brows as a guide.

Neutralize eyelid colour by using 242 Shader Brush to apply Prep + Prime Eye. Create a nude highlight under brows by using 217 Blending Brush to apply Brule Eye Shadow.

Continue with an additional 217 Blending Brush to apply Painterly Paint Pot over the eyelid.

Use 217 Blending Brush to blend Jest Eye Shadow through the inner and outer crease for a soft contour.

Define the upper lashline with a delicate line of Rapidblack Penultimate Liner. Apply two to three coats of Zoom Fast Black Lash Mascara with 205 Mascara Fan Brush on both upper and lower lashes.

For more Halloween ideas, be sure to visit MAC's Facebook page.

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