Saturday, October 10, 2009

limited edition harajuku lovers snow bunnies

How can you not look at these and think that they are as adorable as all get out is beyond me.

Add into the mix that they're the winterly dressed versions of Gwen Stefani's uber popular Harajuku Girls fragrance and now you've just upped the cuteness factor.

The scents for each are still the same as the originals case you're wondering...and they go for $30 each.

I tried Music and Baby and can tell you that Big L really liked each of them.

Breaking it down with the top, middle, and end notes goes something like this...

Top...sparkling pear and clementine
Middle...sweet pea, jasmine, honeysuckle
End...woody, skin musk, vanilla

Top...white rose, bergamont, freesia flower, jasmine petals, tiare flower
End...white musk, soft woods, vanilla, violet

There's also G, Angel, and Love and you can find out a little more about them on their site the only place I found that gave a great description of each scent.

The site itself is pretty fab too.

You hear Gwen Stefani's voice and hear a little of her music...although I was kinda bummed because I figured that you would hear her music the whole time while you perused the site.

Oh well.

Anyway, in addition to learning more about the Harajuku products, you can also play some ridiculously sweet little games.

The one they have up now is called Kaori Catch, where you use the spacebar to stay afloat to fly through the winter world and avoid the falling snow to collect bonus items.

A fun little distraction from work if you need a little break.

You can even play with the Harajuku Lovers Snow Bunnies and compete for kawai prizes.

But, just like the limited edition Snow Bunnies, the games won't last long.  A new one will go up on November hurry!

You can find yours at

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