Monday, October 26, 2009

limited edition lola marc jacobs solid perfume ring

So adorable and so chic...I am in love with this solid perfume ring.

It's oversized and covered with the colorful ruffly flower that adorns the Lola bottle.

Then it twists, in a totally secret agent way, to reveal the gorgeous Lola Marc Jacobs in solid perfume form.

Wear it on your finger, your key-chain, or attach it to your Marc Jacobs bag.

How fabulous is that?

Find yours, for a limited time, at Sephora stores and

Lola Marc Jacobs Solid Perfume Ring $42

editor's note: this review includes a product provided to me by a rep from the company. the links provided are not affiliate links...meaning they are links but I am making no money from me on that.

1 Comment:

G said...

Love this - so cute!

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