Friday, October 30, 2009


From the original creators of Alterna comes LiQWD, a hair care line that I am positively l-o-v-i-n-g right now.

It pretty much hits the two desirable areas that most people want to acheive, silky-smoothness and volume.

Using  Nano-Hydraspheres (an apparently new and improved take on nano-technology that adheres to hair and delivers microscopic treatment ingredients better than previous incarnations due to an improved molecular shape), ColorLife (a comprehensive color care system that seals and protects the hair shaft and is said to extend color life and brilliance like nothing before), and special smoothing and/or volumizing properties...your hair is left looking fabulous.

I tend to go for the smoothness.  Not that my hair is insanely curly mind you, it has that ridiculous in between texture that's almost wavy, but nowhere near straight.  Being my hair tends to not need any plumping up either...not trying to brag here, just stating the facts...I decided to check out the Hydrating Shampoo ($32), the Hydrating Conditioner ($34), and the Smoothing Catalyst ($36).

The results after blow drying really and truly surprised me.

Shiny, straight hair that did not take any smoothing over with a flat iron.  I only had to use my favorite flat vent a round brush thrown in for a little bend...and that was it.

Smooth hair that felt soft and lasted all day.


Find yours at

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