Tuesday, November 10, 2009

beauty buys under $10 - rembrandt whitening mouthwash with flouride

One of the few mouthwashes out there that manages to freshen your breath and brighten your smile at the same time.

Plus the bottle is just the thing you would't mind guests seeing when they open up your medicine cabinet.

You so know they do that...right?

Priced under $10, I found it online at drugstore.com for $5.99, it's friendly on the wallet too.

I love it for the taste and the non-mouth-burning clean that it delivers with each use.

Find yours at rembrandt.com.

editor's note: this review includes a product provided to me by a rep from the company. the links provided are not affiliate links...meaning they are links but I am making no money from them...trust me on that.  


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