Saturday, November 21, 2009

because it's not just about beauty...

It's all about the food in my house.

That's due to my Italian heritage and the fact that I love to cook.

The only issue I ever have though, involves my son....little l.

He has got to be the world's most pickiest eater.


Getting him to eat a veggie is like trying to get me to not eat a whole pint of Haagen-Dazs in one sitting...impossible.

Well, when this popped up into my inbox, all I could think of was genius and does this rep know me or something?

I am going to keep the writing in its entirety so you can see where I'm going here...

Having trouble getting your kids to eat certain foods? Need kid-friendly recipes for the holidays? Annabel Karmel has your back!

I there a hidden camera in my house?

Annabel Karmel, a mother of three, is an international bestselling author of 15 books on nutrition and cooking for babies and toddlers, as well as a familiar face on British television. She has appeared on tons of TV programs, including the Today Show, The CBS Early Show and The View.

Annabel offers hundreds of new and easy recipes for specific age groups and her books are the perfect guide for parents who want to help their young ones down the road to a healthy and nutritious lifestyle. please.  Little l's nutrition tends to consist of cereal, chicken fingers, pb and j, and the occasional random hidden veggie.  Oh and those chewable Flintstone vitamins...he's all about them.

All kids love anything with marshmallows (honestly that is so true...little l could eat a whole bag if given the chance), so spice up Turkey Day this year with Fluffy Marshmallow Sweet Potatoes.

If you’re picky eater won’t touch turkey (he's actually not too bad with any poultry...but these would be awesome for another dinner or lunch some other time), try these cool Chicken Dippers.

Both recipies were taken from the book The Complete Party Planner by Annabel Karmel.



I even found it online for under $12 at  Click here to take you there.

Also, be sure to check out Annabel’s website ( for more info and some other fun recipes.

editor's note: i did not receive a copy of this book for review...just the email from a rep with the attached recipes.  but i totally want the book and will be getting it.  trust me on that.


Retrodiva said...

I don't know how healthy the sweet potato recipe is, but I'm totally making it for Thanksgiving!

Jennifer said...

retrodiva: i know right? at least they're sweet potatoes though i guess! the recipe had me at marshmallow fluff though. : D

KDC Events said...

Um....AWESOME!!! I must get this too! Trevor is so picky and now with number two starting to eat, I need this!! Thanks Jennifer!

Jon said...

Yummy! and seem pretty healthy, natural just dont overeat!

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